Policies and Procedures

We appreciate your interest in our preschool and have provided the most relevant information for you about the admissions process on our website.
Chisinau International Preschool – CHIPS welcomes applications from students aged three to six regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, and physical abilities. Our admissions policy is aligned with the School Mission and Values.
We are happy to take you on a school tour to show you our beautiful school and tell you more about the CHIPS’s Community.

Admission Policy

CHIPS accepts applications throughout the school year. However, an early application will increase the chances of being able to accommodate your needs. At the moment, we are still accepting applications for the mid-year enrolment for 2023-24 academic year and we have already started collecting applications for the 2024-25 academic year.

Your child’s age by October 1st helps determine class placement. CHIPS staff will determine the child’s class placement, taking into consideration your child’s age, development, and prior school experience.

At CHIPS we believe in the importance of diversity, inclusion and solidarity within Education.

If there is no space available in the appropriate class, you may submit your application and pay a non-refundable Application Fee of EUR 200 to hold a place on the waiting list.

Admission Procedure

CHIPS Chisinau International Preschool welcomes applications from students aged three to six regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion or physical abilities. We accept applications based on the following Admissions Procedure.

For successful admission, parents or guardians are required to fill out the online application form as well as submit all the necessary documents. Guidelines and a list of the required documentation can be found in Step 1 below:

Step 1

Submit the Enrollment Application Form


Submit additional documents


Submit the 200 EUR Application

Fee Payment

Step 2: Placement

Enrolment is completed after receiving the countersigned school contract and confirmation of the Enrolment fee payment. We will be holding a place for your child.
The family will be informed regarding their child’s class placement at CHIPS.