Wellness at CHIPS

Healthy Snack and Lunch

CHIPS offers a healthy snack mid-morning, lunch at midday, and a second healthy snack in the afternoon. CHIPS will communicate weekly lunch menus with parents in advance. CHIPS welcomes parent input in the Healthy Snack and Lunch Program.


We require that all students have a check-up with a pediatrician, and submit Health Forms that include emergency numbers for parents, as part of enrollment.  CHIPS has Health Guidelines that will be shared in the CHIPS Parent Book. 

Daily Rest Period

All classes will have a quiet period immediately before or after lunch ranging from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the age group and individual needs of children.

Medpark and CHIPS

CHIPS has a direct relationship with Medpark.  CHIPS will have a pediatrician on call who can consult when children are not well, and will serve students in an emergency.
Medpark discount cards will be granted to families who have students at CHIPS.


Parents as Partners

Communication with Parents

CHIPS believes in regular communication with parents through the school website, email, weekly reports from 2BuildAProfile and newsletters.   

The Director and teachers are available for meetings and ongoing communication.

Click here to view the CHIPS Parent Handbook.

Parent Group

CHIPS views parents as partners in the education of children. Parents are welcome to observe classes and volunteer. 
Please click below to view the class schedules.
All parents are welcome to join the Parent Group, which will form shortly after the school opens in September.